The Benefits of Upgrading to Digital Records

The Benefits of Upgrading to Digital Records

digital medical records make it easier and more efficient

If you run a clinic or medical practice, you probably have a system in place to handle the financial side of patients’ accounts. If you have not upgraded to a completely digital format yet, however, there are several compelling reasons you may want to consider doing so. You may be surprised at how much more efficient your records and payment process becomes with the right software.

Minimizes Errors

When you rely on written records, you are at the mercy of interpretation. The handwritten chart gets passed around from person to person, and one mistake can mess up a patient’s billing, thus delaying your transaction with the insurance company. When you use charge capture software, however, every party gets the same initial input. The more accurate your system records are, the less haggling you are likely to experience with the insurance companies.

Speeds Processing

Handwritten files create an extra step for someone in your office. They eventually have to be processed into a program that sends information to the various entities that compensate you on behalf of your patients. Ideally, this process happens the same day as the patient’s visit, but if the office is busy, it can take a few days or even weeks for your office staff to look up the correct ICD-10 codes and input the necessary data. A program that automates that process is likely to get you paid faster.

Data Security

With paper files, anyone who can get into the office can possibly access the information on them. Digital records allow for multi-step privacy protection so that only those with the appropriate clearance can view them. It is also easier to store a backup copy of digital data than information contained on hard copies.

Digitizing your financial data is a great way to make your office more efficient. An upgrade to completely digital records can streamline your entire billing process. 

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